The answer is simple. At TIC, kids get to:
  • choose their own goals in technology and sports;
  • develop their unique personal visions;
  • go as far and as fast as they want to.

TIC is not school — it's CAMP!

Learning to program a computer, rather than just passively responding to it, is an intellectual challenge which can be experienced on many levels, from the very simple to the extremely sophisticated. The intense interaction that occurs between kids and computers has positive benefits:  it can improve math and reasoning skills, reading ability, and ignite a positive attitude toward learning. TIC Summer Camp’s philosophy is that intellectual attention, independence, affectionate appreciation, creative learning, and fun all go together.

We are not only about technology, but about content: campers learn geometry intuitively while programming with LOGO turtles; they learn fundamentals of sports through games and gain physical confidence; they act out camper-created skits and plays on bare sets; kids film from original scripts and learn to edit their movies. Our counselors—who are wonderful role models—believe that real caring means not only hugging kids, but respecting them as creators, athletes, actors, and learners.

At TIC Summer Camp, the individual needs of the child come first. In technology, a ratio of one counselor to every four campers allows real individualized instruction, giving each child all the time and attention he or she needs. In the sports program, a rich array of choices allows every child to grow athletically, doing what he or she likes to do best – or trying something new. TIC is an opportunity for children to learn now and for the future – and have fun in a supportive and joyous camp atmosphere.


TIC has been accredited by the American Camp Association for all of its 31 years. We have health care providers at each location, doctor on call, and many staff members certified in First Aid & CPR.

"My son loved the camp so much that he only wants to go to the TIC camp next summer. The combination of activities in computers and sports was great. Loved the counselors. They were knowledgeable in their fields, they were personable and kind and gave each kid the right amount of personal attention."
"My child found people who appreciated his skill in programming and really gave him interesting projects to's a tough balance but you guys did it. He has so much confidence in himself. He always loves the athletic portion, but big development strides made in tech this year!" -2013 Parent Survey