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If you read the title of this post to the cadence of:


well then you just might have worked at summer camp! Or you’re just really intuitive and you probably should think about working at summer camp. Luckily for you- WE’RE HIRING!!

That’s right! It may surprise you to know that our staff does not just magically show up on the first day, excitement in their eyes and W-2’s in hand- they actually go through a whole process to work here! And we do our very best to select the most qualified applicants that also share in our values and mission.

TIC might be a good fit for you if:

  • You find joy teaching others and helping them achieve their goals,
  • You find that spending time with kids and adolescents gives you energy and brightens your day,
  • You yearn to make connections with the community and people around you, and
  • You have a passion for any of the technology or sports options offered at TIC (see positions at bottom of post). 

If you are pursuing a career working with youth, summer camp is an obvious employment choice, however camp also forces you to practice many skills that are applicable to a wide range of professions.

TIC might be a good professional option for you if:

  • You want to improve your interpersonal and communication skills,
  • You want to learn how to work with many different kinds of people with various needs,
  • You’d like to practice patience, understanding, empathy, and acts of compassion, or
  • You want to improve your time management skills, organizational skills, and experience working under pressure.

Don’t just take it from this completely anonymous narrator, though (Hi! It’s Leslie), we asked our Staff their favorite thing about working at TIC and came up with these top three things. LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!

3) A One-of-a-Kind Camp Experience! TIC has a unique format that offers not only a balance between technology and athletics, but also emphasizes self-efficacy, teamwork, and hands-on learning. We focus on both hard skills and soft skills, and we work hard to both intentionally create learning moments and take advantage of those that come up organically. Oddly, these moments are often either interspersed with, or completely during, times where you can also find a group of adults and kids flopping on the floor pretending to be beached whales or throwing cheetos at the shaving cream-covered head of a camper. TIC is the unlikely combination of complete silliness with the intense motivation to work hard and improve. It’s a place where a complex robot is built with advanced code simply for the purpose of making chocolate milk. It’s a place where a counselor with a BS in Computer Programming stands in front of 150 people and makes the joke, “What do you call a bee that is always complaining? A Grumble Bee!” Twice. It’s a place where a counselor with full-ride Football scholarship makes a home-made tin foil horn for Robot Unicorn day just to make an 8 year-old laugh. “Where kids learn by having fun!” isn’t just our slogan, it’s our every day, and there’s nothing else like it.

2) The kiddos! Our campers are a truly special bunch. TIC kiddos are intelligent, motivated, creative, and kind. Do they always know all these things about themselves? Absolutely not! And part of your job as a counselor is to help them see all the wonderful qualities they have and the amazing feats they are capable of. Being a mentor is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. Helping a child or teenager understand their potential and grow and accomplish their goals changes their life, and yours! It’s an empowering experience for everyone involved. Not to mention, kids are hilarious, often uninhibited, and they will always surprise you. For example, last year we asked a camper to act out the “essence of a banana” in front of the whole camp as a tie breaker (standard rules: 8th edition). He paused for about 10 seconds and just as we were about to cut it short this “ah-ha!” look came over his face. He then immediately went into a FULL SPLITS and said “Banana split!” The entire camp lost it. It was amazing. I’ve never seen that happen at an internship… just saying.

1) The staff! While the camp culture and the kids are super important, most staff said the best thing about working at TIC was their peers. Our staff has various backgrounds, specialities, and viewpoints, however we all have the same goal: to make camp the best it can be for our campers. Our staff is full of truly exceptional people with impressive intelect, incredible volunteer work, accomplished resumes, and a diverse set of passions. They are each experts in their own field and care deeply about connecting with others, sharing interests, and building strong relationships. Working with people you are friends with always makes work more enjoyable, but the relationships they build with each other end up going way beyond the 8am-4pm camp day. A lot of our staff make some of their best friends at TIC (myself included!) and it is amazing to see how they inspire, support, and motivate each other. From after camp basketball games, to going to watch the 4th of July fireworks together, to meeting someone from your same school and rooming with them the next year, to even getting MARRIED (that’s right- we have some TIC marriages), we see beautiful, valuable friendships develop all summer long. We’re not just a staff. We’re a community and a family, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

We are still hiring for ALL POSITIONS but are starting to fill up! If you think TIC is the right fit for you,


Positions available: Programming, Robotics/Vex, Circuits, Filmmaking, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Digital Photography, Digital Arts, Athletics, Drama/Athletics, Tennis/Athletics, Health Advisor, and Extended Day Supervisor.

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RETURNING STAFF: Know a friend, coworker, or peer that might be a good fit for TIC? Help us spread the word and get a 100$ bonus for any staff we hire that you referred!