Kowshik Barua

2019 TIC Position: Athletics Counselor
Pronouns: He/His
Years as Staff at TIC: 1st year!
School: Virginia Commonwealth University
Life Ambitions: He wants to become either a pediatric doctor or a trauma surgeon in the military!
Hobbies & Passions: He likes to wrestle and play soccer, volunteer for random jobs that have to do with the community, and he used to sing a lot!
Random Fact: When he was in middle school, he went up a big mountain in Bangladesh. He was going up this mountain to meet a monk who was trying to reach enlightenment, but it was a risky route. His family and himself went passed rivers and a big mountain, where his mom and aunt almost fell off since rocks were breaking, and later was told by the monk that he does this everyday when he is trying to receive foods from the other villagers which amazed him.