TIC Pics

We are excited to kick off summer 2K17! Campers will do amazing things, build tremendous projects, and have a blast at camp! TIC Pics are candid snapshots of the fun they enjoy around camp from all 4 sessions. Each site has its own mix of technology and sports photos here. We hope you enjoy your peek into TIC Summer Camp.

TIC DC West 2017 TIC Pics

Welcome to TIC DC West! Let’s have some fun in Session 1 🙂

Tech Us Out!

Water Day


TIC-DC North 2017 TIC Pics

Check out some of of the latest action at DC North!


We put the T in Technology!

Counselor Interaction!

Water Day!

TIC-MD 2017 TIC Pics

Take a look at TIC Maryland this session!



Starting Projects!

Counselor Interaction!

Theme Day: Colors!

TIC-VA 2017 TIC Pics