DC North,  TIC

Pudding Eating Contest-D.C. North!

In the Spirit of the 4th of July, TIC North held a pudding eating competition. Four counselors gulped down chocolate pudding like their lives depended on it!


Ryan, an international counselor from England, wanted to show off his American spirit by participating in an American-themed competition. Not pictured: his American flag themed shutter shades and fidget spinner.
Garry could not be happier for some mid-afternoon pudding. His Jigglypuff-style smile says it all as he gets ready to compete.







Alek is ready for fierce competition. You can see the determination in his eyes and hardcore attitude in his willingness to eat a paper plate.







Braden may put on a happy face, but you can see he is clearly unnerved having to take off his expertly themed hat. He is in it to win it…OH YEAH!















Competition Live-Action 



Take a look at our ranking order! The winners numbers 1-4 are holding up fingers to represent their places. (1) Alek, (2) Ryan, (3) Braden and (4) Garry!















Assistant Director Nate preps the pudding for competition.
Assistant Director Nate preps the pudding for competition.