Camper Projects

During each two week session, campers work in groups crafting amazing projects in each technology option, discovering new skills, building friendships, and uncovering new passions along the way.  We know that they cannot wait to show their work to everyone they know.  We’ve made sharing easy.

You can find your camper’s work hosted on our projects website at  Just select the site, session, and technology option for a list of camper projects.  Once you find your camper’s work, just click the download link on the right.  You can even sort the list by clicking on a column header.  We’ll keep projects for one year.

Viewing Projects

Programming projects: you’ll need to do a quick software install to view projects.


  • For Terrapin Logo projects (most first time and younger campers), download and install the LogoRT player (PC, Mac).  To view projects, just double click the .LGZ file.  If you purchased a Terrapin Logo CD at the end of camp, you’re all set to view, edit, and make new projects.
  • Some returning campers may have projects in Microworlds Logo.  To view these, first download the Microworlds Web Player, then open the HTML file (included with your camper’s project) in Firefox or Safari.
  • For Java, Python or C++ projects, you’ll need to make sure you have some additional software running on your computer.  We’ll make sure your camper knows how to make this happen.  For more information on requirements . . .  java – Python – C++


Animation projects: make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed to view some animations.  For campers working in  3D animation, Blender is free and fully featured modeling software, perfect for creating animations after camp is over.

Filmmaking projects: instead of a download, you’ll find a link to our new video streaming site.  You can stream films in HD, share the link with friends and family, and even get DVDs shipped right to your door!

Web Design projects: any web browser will do.  Chrome and Firefox are great choices.

Digital Arts projects: any image viewer will do.  Just double click the files to open.  You may have trouble opening .psd .ai .eps or other files without the Adobe Creative Suite

Digital Music projects: any music player will do.  Just double click the MP3 to listen.