The DC-West OlympTICs

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The TIC DC-West Olymptics began yesterday with the qualifying rounds for the countries of Japan, Canada, USA, Ireland, Great Britain, Australia, Jamaica, Italy, and Switzerland. These events included pool noodle javelin throwing, gym mat bobsled racing, and paper plate skating. Luckily, all of the countries qualified for the Olymptics.

This morning marked the official beginning of the Olymptics with the opening ceremony, which included the passing of the torch among the captains of the countries. This was quickly followed with a shoe flick between Australia and Ireland, which ended up being a last minute Irish victory. Thereafter, Team USA dominated the pantyhose tennis ball knockdown event, illustrating that this would be a tight competition throughout the day. Later on in the day, the events included a cheeto whipped cream toss, chocolate unicorn, and human sized pool.

Eventually, the results were tallied, leading to a medal ceremony at the end of the day with the bronze going to Jamaica, the silver going to Ireland, and the gold going to Great Britain. All of the campers and counselors celebrated the end of the OlypTICs with a dance party that continued out to carpool. Have a great weekend, campers!



In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a new phenomenon sweeping the nation (and TIC)! Since Pokemon itself is such a throwback, we’re hooking you up with a fresh new #TBT of Session Three’s Pokémon Theme Day! We had a range of Pocket Monster themed activities, ranging from an analog version of Pokémon Go, to a very special Da Pikachu, Da Pikachu Cheer!



 Brothers Sergei & Christian V. looking Pika-chill!


 Gabi & Heather looking Poli-wonderful!



A casual Oddish & Bayleaf encounter!

Scroll through camper projects at to see more of the TIC Camp fun!

Water…Melon Day

Today, August 4th, was Water Day at TIC DC North. The counselors decided to turn up the notch and add a Watermelon Eating Contest! 10 counselors and two directors competed in this summer time classic. The rules: 1. You have to eat the watermelon down to the rind as fast as you can, and 2. You can not use your hands at all. Our winner was…..camper turned counselor Alek Zherka!IMG_8391IMG_8350IMG_8351

A Picture Worth a Million Words.


Shraya, Chloe, and Lulu share a moment of fun in Ultimate Frisbee. These two sisters, and friend are always having a blast in whatever activity they participate in. Their laughter, love of competition, drive, smarts, and technical skills, make these three excellent leaders in tech and athletics. Keep it up girls!


TIC-VA Celebrates Halloween in August

Only celebrating Halloween once a year is not NEARLY enough.  That’s why we decided to celebrate Halloween in August as part of our third session’s “Monday FUNday”.  Campers and staff came to camp adorned in some adorable, creative, and spooky costumes.  Check out the TIC Pics for some photos of costumes seen around camp.

IMG_4350[1]                IMG_4344[1]

Session 3 Water Day…With a Twist!

Today, TIC-VA celebrated it’s third water day of the summer, complete with the standard slip n’ slide, moon bounce, and other water-themed activities.  However, we felt a little guilty letting the Athletics counselors have all the Water Day fun, so we decided to add a Counselor Switch Day to the mix!  Technology ounselors got to enjoy the thrills of water day, as well as various other sports while Athletics counselors got to check out what campers have been learning in their tech rooms.  All counselors had a blast and simultaneously developed a newfound respect for what their counterparts do all day!  Be sure to check the TIC Pics for the photos from today’s action!

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Green Versus White: Musical Chairs Edition

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To mark the beginning of Color Wars, the Green and White Teams attempted to name as many love and break-up songs as possible. Today, however, these two fierce competitors attempted to sort out their differences… by playing musical chairs! After an intense battle accompanied by songs like “Run the World (Girls),” “Eye of the Tiger,” and many other classics, the showdown came down to Zach from the White Team and Malik from the Green Team. Malik was eventually crowned the victor, giving the Green Team ten points! Who will win Color Wars this session? Keep checking in for Color War updates!


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Today marks the beginning of the Tron Tournament at TIC DC-West. The juniors and seniors are first competing within small groups and the top two from each group will move on. On Friday, the finals will be live in front of the entire camp as we breathlessly await the crowning of our Tron champions. Who will be the Tron Masters of session three? Only time will tell…

UPDATE: The Battle of Champions


After three days of intense battling, TIC DC-West is proud to announce the names of our victors of The Junior Foursquare Tournament. Our Champion is Matt Del Guercio and our Runner-Up is Mario Paslar! Congratulations to all of our competitors!