GROW’s Tie-Dye Day

At G.R.O.W. here in Virginia today, our girls decorated some tie dyed camp t-shirts! We started off our session by talking about compliments that we normally receive as girls. Some examples of compliments on this list include “I love your eyes,” “you have great style,” and “you are so pretty!” We decided that while these compliments are great, we would also love to be complimented for things other than our appearance. Then, we proceeded to make a list of compliments that we would LIKE to receive. Some of the compliments we came up with for this list included “you are so athletic,” “you are very smart,” and “you have a great sense of humor.”

After making these lists, everyone got a pre-tie dyed t shirt and a black permanent marker. On the back of the t-shirts we wrote some of the compliments that we would like to receive in “I am…” statements (“I am strong, I am brave etc.). Each girl got the opportunity to wear their t-shirt and take it home to show it off to friends and family!