TIC,  VA-McLean

Farewell, TIC Virginia!


Well guys, that’s it for this summer. Our time here has ran out :(. But what a summer! Lots of cool projects, fun games, sunny skys, and good times came from this session.Net year, we’ll be right here waiting for you! Our door is always open. Last, but not least, here are the award recipients for Session 4.

Award Recipients for TIC Virginia Session 4


Sportsmanship Award

Hayden S., Julia H., Zach B., Hannah B.

Hustle Award

Sheel S., Amelia D., Evan B., Leigh B.


Golden Disc Award

Natalie H., Sarah L., Ben S., Jaeger S.


Golden Disc Award

Evan D., Claire S., Layla A., Ratan S.