• TIC,  VA-McLean

    Theme Day @ Virginia!

    Theme day has rolled back around! This time, we dressed up as some of the most feared fighters on land and sea–pirates and ninjas! Check out our TICPICS to see all the daring and dauntless disguises.

  • TIC,  VA-McLean

    A champion arises @ TIC VA!

    The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! TIC Virginia has announced the Color War champion of Session 1. Watch the video to find out which team reigns victorious.

  • TIC,  VA-McLean

    Farewell to Session 1 Virginia

    Session 1! So many great campers helped us kick off the summer and we really enjoyed you all. We’re sad to see you go, but we wish you the best summer and hope you can come see us again soon. We’d like to take this time to recognize a few campers that stood out and went the extra mile to make TIC a fantastic, fun environment. Award Recipients for TIC Virginia’s Session 1 Athletics Sportsmanship Award Kian M., Julia M., Chris P., Riley O. Hustle Award Rylan N., Zoe H. , Mitchell Y., Elizabeth B. Programming Golden Disc Award Natalie M., Megan K., Liam N., Ethan T. Multimedia Golden Disc…

  • TIC,  VA-McLean

    Theme Day @ TIC Virginia

    Last Friday, TIC Virginia held theme day. This year we decided to travel back in time to Medieval Days, where wizards, witches, dragons, and knights roamed the cobblestone streets of Europe. Click on our TICPICS page to view some cool costumes.

  • TIC,  VA-McLean

    Welcome to Camp, TIC VA!

    We all wish you a warm welcome here at TIC’s VA campus. Thanks for coming! Get ready for an awesome summer. Make sure you check out our TICPICS to keep up with all the fun we’re having at camp!

  • DC North,  DC West,  TIC,  VA-McLean

    2017 Summer T-Shirt Design!

    With only 7 weeks until summer starts, we are pleased to announce the 2017 TIC T-shirt design! This past summer, campers and counselors submitted designs to our year-round team. After a thorough and exhaustive review process including many sleepless nights of debate, we finally reached a quorum. Behold, Raleigh and Callista’s  camper created 2017 T-shirt design coming to a TIC Site near you!

  • DC North,  DC West,  Maryland,  TIC,  VA-McLean

    3 Reasons to send your child to a STEM Camp

    Stop me if you have heard this before: “Technology is the future.” All of us have, and when it comes to preparing our kids for tomorrow, we all want them to have all the tools needed to succeed. During the school year, kids are so busy they barely get time to relax and just have some fun. Enter summer. We assume summer is a time to let them relax and clear their schedule, but what if there was a way to continue their learning WHILE allowing them to relax and unwind from a busy year? You guessed it, there is. STEM Day Camp. Here are 3 reasons to send your child…

  • DC North,  DC West,  Maryland,  TIC,  VA-McLean

    Thinking About Projects Year – Round!

    Written by former Technology Director Nola E.! If you would like to be a featured blogger, email [email protected] Living in New Hampshire and watching the snow pile higher and higher has really made me miss the sunny summers at TIC! While shoveling snow for the millionth time, I started thinking about how great it would be to have a robot to do this for me. A quick search online showed me that such a thing does exist and can also clean up leaves in the fall! This neat little robot reminded me of some of the amazing projects I saw when I entered the robotics room at TIC. While we…

  • DC North,  DC West,  Maryland,  TIC,  VA-McLean

    Social Benefits of Riding the Bus

    These days, kids are spending more and more time interacting on digital devices rather than in person. When they want to have a conversation, it is a quick text away rather than a phone call. Emotions are displayed with emojis, not with smiles. Kids need to be in social settings to develop skills that will help them in college and beyond. Believe it or not, riding a school bus twice a day with the same group of kids can be incredibly beneficial to developing friendships and breaking down social barriers. On a bus, kids are automatically in smaller groups, and have the opportunity to develop real relationships with people they…