• TIC,  VA-McLean

    So long, Session 2 Virginia.

    Bad news, guys. We’re already half way through the summer ūüôĀ But don’t fret. We had a great time and there’s still room for more fun. At this moment, we’d like to recognize the star campers who shined bright in Session 2. Award Recipients for TIC Virginia¬†Session 2 Athletics Sportsmanship Award Mohan P., Brij P., Alex D., Mckenzie H. Hustle Award Mikey B., Bryn C., Dilin W., Heather J. Programming Golden Disc Award Julia M., Norah L-Y., ¬†Jack and Nathan J. Multimedia Golden Disc Award Alexander S., Vivian X., Bryn C., Bennet P, Mitchell Y. There are still spaces open for Session 3 and 4. Please contact the TIC Virginia…

  • TIC,  VA-McLean

    Athletic Spotlight @ Virginia

    The above video showcases one of our renown athletic activities here at TIC– GaGa Ball! This game keeps our campers active and moving around the gym. You can check out more sports activities in our TICPICS.

  • Maryland,  TIC

    Maryland’s Got Talent (Show)!

    Hello TIC Maryland! We had an amazing array of performances last Wednesday as Session 2 graced the stage in a number of stimulating and rigorous acts! Have no fear, if you missed the live show you can check out highlights below! We had everything from Moana songs, to Hamilton reenactments, to science experiments!

  • DC West,  TIC,  VA-McLean

    Summer camp guru, Steve Maguire, visits TIC

    DC West and Virginia joined forces to¬†endure¬†a training transformation powered by Steve Maguire. Steve is a professional speaker that blends his experience of teaching and camp counseling to provide fun and enthusiastic ways for a successful summer. Mission accomplished. Thanks Steve!  

  • DC West,  TIC

    Bye Bye, Session 2 @ DC West

    Session 2. So many campers. So much fun. So little time. Hope you enjoyed your time here at TIC. Join us again soon for some good ol’ tech n’ sports. Without further ado, here are our award recipients for this session. Award Recipients for TIC DC West‚Äôs Session 2 Athletics Sportsmanship Award Kiki P., Peter S. Hustle Award Shai D. , Hunter B. Riedel Award William C., Enrique F. Programming Golden Disc Award Peter S., Jonah F., James M., Ivan H. Multimedia Golden Disc Award Reila F., Luana D., Maggie H.

  • TIC,  VA-McLean

    Theme Day @ Virginia!

    Theme day has rolled back around! This time, we dressed up as some of the most feared fighters on land and sea–pirates and ninjas! Check out our TICPICS to see all the daring and dauntless disguises.

  • DC West,  TIC

    Project Spolight @ DC West

    All summer, our campers are here at TIC creating and developing projects. Our Project Spotlight this session highlights two of our super smart campers who made an interesting creation in Robotics. Learn more below and check out more cool projects from this summer here!