• DC North,  TIC

    First Week of Camp at the DC Site!!!

    We had a great first week at the DC Site. There was running around. Some relaxation. And more running around. Everyone is getting ready for the weekend on this rainy Friday. Card games, torpedo in the gym, and some book reading. But camp is still just getting started. Next week there will be even more running around. And the tech projects are getting closer to completion. And our filmmakers and other artists are formulating their masterpieces!

  • DC North,  Maryland,  TIC,  VA-McLean

    Announcing Site Directors for Summer 2018!

    We are very excited to announce the Site Directors for 2018! Here are some of their favorite quotes and a little more information about them: TIC-Virginia is proud to welcome back Joe Anderson! Joe is a long-time director for TIC and specializes in making people laugh and feel at home. He is excited to get back in the mix of camp and spend his summer back with his best buddies! During the off-season, Joe is an Elementary School teacher in Arlington, VA. Returning to TIC-Maryland for a 2nd summer in a row is Daniel Morais! Dan is almost as excited about the World Cup as he is about the 2018…

  • TIC,  VA-McLean

    Farewell, TIC Virginia!

    Well guys, that’s it for this summer. Our time here has ran out :(. But what a summer! Lots of cool projects, fun games, sunny skys, and good times came from this session.Net year, we’ll be right here waiting for you! Our door is always open. Last, but not least, here are the award recipients for Session 4. Award Recipients for TIC Virginia Session 4 Athletics Sportsmanship Award Hayden S., Julia H., Zach B., Hannah B. Hustle Award Sheel S., Amelia D., Evan B., Leigh B. Programming Golden Disc Award Natalie H., Sarah L., Ben S., Jaeger S. Multimedia Golden Disc Award Evan D., Claire S., Layla A., Ratan S.

  • TIC,  VA-McLean

    Olympic Day @ TIC Virginia

    Here at TIC, we’re all about technology. But we value athletics just as much! We set up our very own Olympic Day to make our campers feel like world champions without all the training and traveling. Check out our TIC olympians and the special events they participated in below.  

  • DC West,  TIC

    Toodle-loo DC West!

    Oh no! Our time is up :(. We has such an awesome, fun-filled summer with our campers in each and every session. Please come back to see us! Our door is always open. Last, but not least, here are the award recipients for Session 4. Award Recipients for TIC DC West Session 4 Athletics Sportsmanship Award Sophie and Lydia C. Hustle Award Dakare T. and Jacob C. Riedel Award Harrison and Jackson K. Programming Golden Disc Award Wesley S., Duncan G., Jack C., Ewin C. Multimedia Golden Disc Award Alexander T., Colin K., Miles M.

  • DC North,  TIC

    Halloween Day Fashion Show!

    It may be August, but that does not mean it is any less sweet and spooky at TIC! Check out these amazing costumes of campers and counselors alike from D.C. North’s Halloween theme day!

  • TIC,  VA-McLean

    So long, Session 3 VA.

    Our Session 3 campers made our world spin! We enjoyed your enthusiasm and energy here at TIC VA and we will certainly miss you. Join us again another time! Here are our Session 3 Award Recipients. Award Recipients for TIC Virginia Session 3 Athletics Sportsmanship Award Videh B., Jonathan S., Rainen P., Aanya G., Aryana B. Hustle Award Nicola B., Owen S., Jamie P., Ava M. Programming Golden Disc Award Mya T., Kiki F., Caden H., Hugh F. Multimedia Golden Disc Award Bryan S., Alexandra S., Benjamin B., Jackson S., Liam S., Emma P.

  • TIC,  VA-McLean

    TIC VA’s got talent!

    Before we said our good byes to session 3, we made sure everyone’s talents could be seen by the whole camp! Check out the video to see all of the diverse talents our campers have to offer.

  • DC North,  TIC

    D.C. North’s Got Talent (Show)!

    Check out some awesome performance highlights from session 3! This may be a technology and athletics-focused camp, but D.C. North kids and counselors have other amazing aptitudes as well—lucky they can showcase them at TIC! Not only do campers receive an A+ for talent, but also for breadth of acts! From alphabet burping, to sleeping, to ti quan do, to flying paper airplanes across the forum, TIC expertise has no limit!

  • DC West,  TIC

    See you later, Session 3

    It’s that time again, friends. Time to say goodbye. But goodbye doesn’t have to be forever. Join us again soon! We’d love to have you. At this moment, we’d like to recognize the super campers who went above and beyond in Session 3. Award Recipients for TIC DC West Session 3 Athletics Sportsmanship Award Richard W., Zay G. Hustle Award Alex M., Camille B. Riedel Award Nicholas S., Allen C. Programming Golden Disc Award Cameron G., Max R., Dylan O., Vincenzo T., Mason W. Multimedia Golden Disc Award Maddy F., Owen B., Jack O. There are still spaces left in Session 4. Please contact the DC West office.