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    Social Benefits of Riding the Bus

    These days, kids are spending more and more time interacting on digital devices rather than in person. When they want to have a conversation, it is a quick text away rather than a phone call. Emotions are displayed with emojis, not with smiles. Kids need to be in social settings to develop skills that will help them in college and beyond. Believe it or not, riding a school bus twice a day with the same group of kids can be incredibly beneficial to developing friendships and breaking down social barriers. On a bus, kids are automatically in smaller groups, and have the opportunity to develop real relationships with people they…

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    Girls at TIC!

    Over the summer, campers at TIC-MD created a video about what it is like to be a girl at TIC Summer Camp! As we prepare for the upcoming summer season (registration opens in a little over a month!) we want to highlight these girls and show off their creative video! Enjoy!

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    In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a new phenomenon sweeping the nation (and TIC)! Since Pokemon itself is such a throwback, we’re hooking you up with a fresh new #TBT of Session Three’s Pokémon Theme Day! We had a range of Pocket Monster themed activities, ranging from an analog version of Pokémon Go, to a very special Da Pikachu, Da Pikachu Cheer!    Brothers Sergei & Christian V. looking Pika-chill!  Gabi & Heather looking Poli-wonderful!   A casual Oddish & Bayleaf encounter! Scroll through camper projects at ticcamp.com/projects to see more of the TIC Camp fun!

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    As always, TIC MD is improving and reaching new frontiers of fun-having! The newest addition to our fleet of robots is here, the Arduino! Sessions 2 & 3 have each had a group of seniors learning about circuits and programming with these new devices. Projects include: A Frankenstein’s monster-esque combination of Vex and Arduino running C and Python, many practice circuits, and soon a radio! Stay tuned for more awesome projects out of MD Robotics!

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    At the end of session 2, all of TIC-MD gathered in the gym to watch a cornucopia of talented campers (and a few counselors!) perform in our annual TIC’S GOT TALENT showcase!   Check out the video here:

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    Crazy Sock Quiz!

    Last Thursday, the staff had a very special staff spirit day, with everyone wearing CRAZY SOCKS!! Campers could barely contain their excitement when they saw our quirky under-shoe-wear, and I know everyone’s been missing school, so I decided to create for y’all A FUNKY LITTLE SOCK TEST! Head to the gallery to try to match the socks to the counselors! Scroll over the picture to see if your answer is correct!  

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    Peyton’s PR Stunt

    In an effort to refurbish his rep after it was badly damaged vis-a-vis #deflatergate, Peyton Manning asked two of our campers, Cameron and Noah, to create a video of him battling TIC’s Enemy #1: Frogs. Yes, F-R-O-G-S. Ireland had their snake issues, TIC has a problem with the ribbit-y, hippity-hoppity-ers. Luckily, Peyton is well-armed with footballs (pumped FULL of air, we double-checked!) and ready to take those green-y meanies DOWN!   CHECK IT OUT:

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    Independence Day (Robot Edition)

    Due to some confusion about the plot of Independence Day (Aliens? Really? Didn’t Star Trek already cover that?), I prepared for y’all a highlight of our fantastic Robotics program here at TIC, with a little dash of America thrown in! Maybe this time Will Smith will win (is Will Smith in it? Who knows.) A select few of the pics are below, with a video of some of the standout robots of Session One. Check out the TIC PICS for the rest of our July Fourth fun!   “I want YOU to go defeat those robots/aliens!” -Conor, visitor to the US. Heather showing off her love of the USA, and its wildlife,…

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    TIC-MD Promo Video (Camper Made!!)

    When our advertising budget was drastically slashed, TIC had to take drastic measures. Campers became marketing executives, up became down and a new TIC Promo video was born! Campers Alma, Kathryn and Yana poured their hearts and souls into creating this snapshot of life here at TIC!! Hope you enjoy!