• DC West,  TIC

    Toodle-loo DC West!

    Oh no! Our time is up :(. We has such an awesome, fun-filled summer with our campers in each and every session. Please come back to see us! Our door is always open. Last, but not least, here are the award recipients for Session 4. Award Recipients for TIC DC West Session 4 Athletics Sportsmanship Award Sophie and Lydia C. Hustle Award Dakare T. and Jacob C. Riedel Award Harrison and Jackson K. Programming Golden Disc Award Wesley S., Duncan G., Jack C., Ewin C. Multimedia Golden Disc Award Alexander T., Colin K., Miles M.

  • DC West,  TIC

    See you later, Session 3

    It’s that time again, friends. Time to say goodbye. But goodbye doesn’t have to be forever. Join us again soon! We’d love to have you. At this moment, we’d like to recognize the super campers who went above and beyond in Session 3. Award Recipients for TIC DC West Session 3 Athletics Sportsmanship Award Richard W., Zay G. Hustle Award Alex M., Camille B. Riedel Award Nicholas S., Allen C. Programming Golden Disc Award Cameron G., Max R., Dylan O., Vincenzo T., Mason W. Multimedia Golden Disc Award Maddy F., Owen B., Jack O. There are still spaces left in Session 4. Please contact the DC West office. 

  • DC West,  TIC,  VA-McLean

    Summer camp guru, Steve Maguire, visits TIC

    DC West and Virginia joined forces to endure a training transformation powered by Steve Maguire. Steve is a professional speaker that blends his experience of teaching and camp counseling to provide fun and enthusiastic ways for a successful summer. Mission accomplished. Thanks Steve!  

  • DC West,  TIC

    Bye Bye, Session 2 @ DC West

    Session 2. So many campers. So much fun. So little time. Hope you enjoyed your time here at TIC. Join us again soon for some good ol’ tech n’ sports. Without further ado, here are our award recipients for this session. Award Recipients for TIC DC West’s Session 2 Athletics Sportsmanship Award Kiki P., Peter S. Hustle Award Shai D. , Hunter B. Riedel Award William C., Enrique F. Programming Golden Disc Award Peter S., Jonah F., James M., Ivan H. Multimedia Golden Disc Award Reila F., Luana D., Maggie H.

  • DC West,  TIC

    Project Spolight @ DC West

    All summer, our campers are here at TIC creating and developing projects. Our Project Spotlight this session highlights two of our super smart campers who made an interesting creation in Robotics. Learn more below and check out more cool projects from this summer here!

  • DC West,  TIC

    Color War Finale @ DC West

    The Color War for Session 1 was a long and tiring battle. But the best team won. Congratulations to the White team for sweeping the Green team in that neck and neck competition! Watch our quick recap to get an idea of what Color War culture is like here at TIC.

  • DC West,  Session 2,  TIC

    Jersey Day @ DC West!

    Today is Jersey Day here at DC West! Campers and counselors alike are dressed up in their best number, representing their favorite team or athlete. Take a look at our TICPICs later to see if someone was repping your sports squad!

  • DC West,  TIC

    Farewell Session One

    Session 1 came and went. But we had a great time kicking off the summer with our creative campers. At this time, we’d like to take a chance to recognize those outstanding campers who went the extra mile to make TIC a better place. We hope to see you all in Session 2. But if not, we look forward to seeing you this upcoming winter, or next summer. Without further ado, here are our award recipients. ATHLETICS Sportsmanship Award: Juniors-Lily and Mischa P. Seniors-Chase B. Hustle Award: Juniors-Lucky D. Seniors-Moses F. Riedel Award: Juniors- Kim G. Seniors- Angelique F. MULTIMEDIA The Golden Disc Award: Juniors-Marc L. Seniors- Ben S. PROGRAMMING The Golden…

  • DC West,  TIC

    This means WAR!

    DC West just kicked off the infamous color war! Campers and counselors are divided into two teams to face challenges and a chance to earn team points throughout the day. Stay tuned to see who the winner will be at the end of this week and don’t forget to vote for your favorite squad on our Twitter Poll! Check out our TICPICs page for photos of all the fun.