Camp Staff as Mentors

A little known fact is that January is National Mentoring Month. This is something we in the camp industry are excited about, because our staff are fantastic examples of great mentors! How are they the paragon of great mentoring??? I’m glad you asked! Below you’ll see how our TIC counselors are the leaders you want your camper to have.
Positive Connections– Our counselors help our campers form positive and memorable connections with other kids and with our staff. These bonds created throughout the summer incite happiness and often lead to lasting friendships that continue year after year.
Effective communication– Due to our 4:1 ratio of campers to counselors, the lines of communication are always open. Campers are constantly encouraged to express their interests, which will result in them creating a project of their liking in technology, playing the games they enjoy in athletics, and most importantly making friends. Our counselors have a genuine interest in getting to know their campers, which is why parents constantly rave about our staff!
Finding their Passion– Because of the mind/body balance of TIC, there is something for everyone. TIC staff members are eager to share their love for technology and/or sports with campers, in order to help further or establish their passion in these areas. We often hear from our campers that they found their passion in a particular subject or sport because of their time at TIC, specifically because of their relationship with their counselor.
Goal Setting– Our staff want campers to progress and go as far as they can each session. Whether it’s a new skill in sports or a project that the camper is trying to create, our counselors guide them through the process and help them achieve the goals they have set for themselves. This builds confidence and makes the camper more likely to take healthy risks as they continue to grow.
Role Modeling– We pride ourselves on the staff we have at TIC each summer and hold them to a high standard in order for them to be the best examples for our campers. Their genuine interest for working with kids, extensive training, and positive attitudes make for the exemplary role models you find at TIC. Campers often tell us and their parents that when they get older they can’t wait to be counselor as well!
Are you, (or do you know) someone who would be a wonderful mentor? We are now hiring for all camp staff positions! Find out more and submit an application at http://ticcamp.com/staff/apply-for-a-job/