TIC-VA Gets In Olympic Spirit, Celebrates the OlympTICs!

All week, campers in Athletics have been participating in our very own OlympTICs!  Athletics groups paired up to constitute countries from around the world, then competed in all kinds of different activities.  These ranged from the usual TIC sports to trivia to Minute-to-win-it games to Track and Field events!  We even had our own opening cermonies! The final winner won’t be announced until tomorrow, but be sure to check out some of the photos below and in the TIC Pics tab at the top of the page!

IMG_4445[1]           IMG_4446[1]


IMG_4441[1]      IMG_4398[1]

IMG_4457[1]        IMG_4416[1]

TIC-VA Celebrates Halloween in August

Only celebrating Halloween once a year is not NEARLY enough.  That’s why we decided to celebrate Halloween in August as part of our third session’s “Monday FUNday”.  Campers and staff came to camp adorned in some adorable, creative, and spooky costumes.  Check out the TIC Pics for some photos of costumes seen around camp.

IMG_4350[1]                IMG_4344[1]

Session 3 Water Day…With a Twist!

Today, TIC-VA celebrated it’s third water day of the summer, complete with the standard slip n’ slide, moon bounce, and other water-themed activities.  However, we felt a little guilty letting the Athletics counselors have all the Water Day fun, so we decided to add a Counselor Switch Day to the mix!  Technology ounselors got to enjoy the thrills of water day, as well as various other sports while Athletics counselors got to check out what campers have been learning in their tech rooms.  All counselors had a blast and simultaneously developed a newfound respect for what their counterparts do all day!  Be sure to check the TIC Pics for the photos from today’s action!

IMG_4337[1]        IMG_4331[1]

IMG_4324[1]        IMG_4328[1]

Session 3 Begins at TIC-VA

Today, TIC-VA opened its doors to Session 3 campers (and then quickly closed them to keep the A/C contained within the building)! Campers hit the ground running in both Athletics and Technology as they got acquainted with their counselors and fellow campers.  Though campers stayed inside during Athletics to avoid the scorching temperatures, they were able to participate in a variety of indoor games and activities!  In technology, some campers were introduced to some of the basics of their discipline while others got started with more advanced concepts as they began planning their projects for the session.  Be sure to check out TIC Pics throughout this session by clicking on the tab on the menu bar at the top of the page!

IMG_4280[1]       IMG_4260[1]

IMG_4232[1]       IMG_4223[1]

A New Addition to the Color War Schedule….

As part of their CIT training, I asked a group of rising 10th graders to come with a fresh idea that would contribute positively to the TIC culture.  They came up with….Color War Counselor Karaoke!!!!!  TIC-VA opened Friday with a Karaoke battle between counselors from the white and blue teams (or at least those brave enough to volunteer).  The winner was judged by camper applause and received 100 color war points! In the end, Blue team’s performance of “Hey Ya” bested White team’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”.  Winner’s aside, it was a blast to watch and a great way to start the day!

IMG_4192[1]                    IMG_4194[1]

96 Degrees?? Good Thing Today was Water Day at TIC-VA!

Campers were able to cool off from the scorching temperatures today by participating in TIC-VA’s second Water Day of the summer!  Again, TIC was equipped with a Slip n’ Slide and a Moon Bounce, as well as some other water-fueled activities, like “Drip Drip Drop”, or everyone’s favorite, “Pour Buckets of Water on Staff Members”…!  Check out the TIC Pics from today’s action!

IMG_4009[1]        IMG_4019[1]

Summer Rolls On as TIC-VA Opens Session 2!

TIC-VA began their 2nd session of the summer today, as campers met their counselors, camp directors, and their fellow campers!  In Technology, campers got to know one another through various ice breakers and name games, then got started learning!  Programmers started making games, Filmmakers started brainstorming movie plots, Animators started animating, Photography campers started exploring the campus and snapping breathtaking shots, Robotics campers started building, Digital Music campers started composing, and Graphic Designers started designing!  In athletics, campers enjoyed a variety of games ranging from soccer and basketball to hockey and 9-square (9-square? Yes, like 4 square but with NINE SQUARES!!!)  Check back here throughout the session to see more goings-ons around camp, and be sure to check out the “TIC Pics” tab at the top of the page to see photos from around camp.

IMG_3976[1]     IMG_3959[1]

IMG_3949[1]    IMG_3921[1]


TIC-VA is…Picture Perfect

TIC has introduced a new technology option this summer in Digital Photography.  TIC-VA is fortunate enough to have two digital photography counselors, Pat and Emily.  With their campers, they’ve worked on techniques such as varying shutter speed, macro photograph (close up), changing lighting to create silhouettes and shadows, using unique perspectives, creating studio portraits, and much more!  Below are just some examples of the incredible work done by TIC-VA campers in session 1!



“Light painting” using low shutter speed


Capturing motion using high shutter speed [photo by Will]


A macro photo of a bee on a flower [photo by Ella]


Using unique perspective [photo by Will]

dope picture

Using shadows [photo by Emily]


Action shot using high shutter speed [photo by Ryan]