• VA-Fairfax

    TIC-Fairfax: NEW Site at The NEW SCHOOL!!

    We are so excited to share details about our NEW location for 2019 in the fairest of lands- Fairfax, Virginia! TIC-Fairfax will be located at The New School of Northern Virginia just off Pickett Road. While it is easily accessible from Route 50, 236, and I-66, The New School is tucked away by a little forest, creating a unique and intimate atmosphere for TIC-Fairfax. Featuring a gymnasium with riser seating, TIC-Fairfax is perfectly equipped for our Athletics program, as well as our fun and goofy all-camp events! We also have access to fields right next door for all our awesome outdoor sports, as well as a state-of-the-art Blackbox for our…

  • DC North,  TIC

    First Week of Camp at the DC Site!!!

    We had a great first week at the DC Site. There was running around. Some relaxation. And more running around. Everyone is getting ready for the weekend on this rainy Friday. Card games, torpedo in the gym, and some book reading. But camp is still just getting started. Next week there will be even more running around. And the tech projects are getting closer to completion. And our filmmakers and other artists are formulating their masterpieces!

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    Announcing our Multimedia Directors for 2018!!

    Hey folks! As the summer draws EVEN CLOSER we are happy to announce our Multimedia directors for 2018! These directors have expertise in MULTIPLE MEDIAS. I know, it’s impressive. Here’s some more info about them: Meet Rachel! Rachel is joining TIC for her third summer and second summer as Multimedia Director for TIC-MD! As an International Counselor, Rachel first came to us as an animation counselor. She always brings her humor and sharp wit to camp, which is clearly demonstrated by her shockingly good impression of those tall inflatable things that flop around outside of car dealerships. Meet Jan! Jan has worked at TIC-DC for several summers and this will…

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    WE. ARE. HIRING. (Bum Bum Bum Bum BUMBUMBUM)

    If you read the title of this post to the cadence of: “WE ARE FARMERS! Bum Bum Bum Bum BUMBUMBUM” well then you just might have worked at summer camp! Or you’re just really intuitive and you probably should think about working at summer camp. Luckily for you- WE’RE HIRING!! That’s right! It may surprise you to know that our staff does not just magically show up on the first day, excitement in their eyes and W-2’s in hand- they actually go through a whole process to work here! And we do our very best to select the most qualified applicants that also share in our values and mission. TIC might…

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    Announcing our Athletics Directors for 2018!

    We are so proud to announce our Athletics Directors for the 2018 season! Although we are often characterized as a “Tech Camp”, the Athletics side is equally important to our success as a program. Athletics isn’t just a great way to get some exercise and have fun, it also teaches the necessary soft skills for success! Sports can build confidence, leadership skills, communication skills, empowerment, resilience, and so much more! Our amazing Athletic Directors for 2018 definitely embody all these skills and more. Here they are!               Jon Casey and Chad Lynch will be running the Athletics Program at TIC-Virginia! Jon has been working…

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    Announcing our Programming Directors for 2018!

    We are very excited to introduce our Programming Directors for 2018! Our Programming Directors don’t just oversee our Programming program, they also oversee our Robotics rooms and Circuitry circuses (circi?)(nah.) All our Programming Directors are computer science experts! When something is not working properly, they are able to come up with solutions beyond ctrl+alt+del, which in my opinion makes them equivalent to super heroes. Let’s find out a little more about them! Deirbhile “Derv” Larkin is returning to her position as Programming Director for a 2nd year! She comes to TIC-DC all the way from Ireland, bringing her passion for programming as well as an affinity for pranks. Each morning when…

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    TIC attends National Camp Conference!

    When you think “Summer camp” you probably don’t think of words like “conference”, “professional development”, or “expert in their field”. That is probably because summer camp is fun and all those other words would sound super weird if you inserted them into a camp cheer. (“1, 2 Conference for you! 3,4 career growth some more!!”) The truth is, however, that although the reputation of camp is that it’s all about being silly, there is a ton of intentionality and learning behind our seemingly relaxed atmosphere. TIC’s year-round team attends 3-5 conferences or professional development events during the off-season in order to keep up with the cutting edge research in the camp…

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    2018’s Leadership & Training Directors!!

    TIC’s Leadership & Training Director (or LTD) is an elusive being that roams the campus doing basically everything you didn’t know needed to happen to make each and every day of camp epic. Many people ask, “but what does the Leadership & Training director DO?!?!?!” Well, that is a difficult question because the answer is essentially: everything. Attendance? Yep. Activity Planning? Yep. Being the Site Director’s best friend and confidant? You betcha! In fact, the Leadership & Training Director is pretty much the best friend and confidant of everyone on staff. They are the dependable glue that holds camp together if camp were, in fact, held together by glue. It’s…

  • DC North,  Maryland,  TIC,  VA-McLean

    Announcing Site Directors for Summer 2018!

    We are very excited to announce the Site Directors for 2018! Here are some of their favorite quotes and a little more information about them: TIC-Virginia is proud to welcome back Joe Anderson! Joe is a long-time director for TIC and specializes in making people laugh and feel at home. He is excited to get back in the mix of camp and spend his summer back with his best buddies! During the off-season, Joe is an Elementary School teacher in Arlington, VA. Returning to TIC-Maryland for a 2nd summer in a row is Daniel Morais! Dan is almost as excited about the World Cup as he is about the 2018…