Color War: Blindfolded Dodgeball

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Yesterday, to continue with Color War challenges, we had the return of an old time favorite at TIC DC-West: Blindfolded Dodgeball! With skill and alacrity, the two teams battled, leading to a 2-1 victory for the White Team. However, winning a battle does not mean winning the war. WHO WILL WIN THE TITLE THIS SESSION?

The DC-West OlympTICs

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The TIC DC-West Olymptics began yesterday with the qualifying rounds for the countries of Japan, Canada, USA, Ireland, Great Britain, Australia, Jamaica, Italy, and Switzerland. These events included pool noodle javelin throwing, gym mat bobsled racing, and paper plate skating. Luckily, all of the countries qualified for the Olymptics.

This morning marked the official beginning of the Olymptics with the opening ceremony, which included the passing of the torch among the captains of the countries. This was quickly followed with a shoe flick between Australia and Ireland, which ended up being a last minute Irish victory. Thereafter, Team USA dominated the pantyhose tennis ball knockdown event, illustrating that this would be a tight competition throughout the day. Later on in the day, the events included a cheeto whipped cream toss, chocolate unicorn, and human sized pool.

Eventually, the results were tallied, leading to a medal ceremony at the end of the day with the bronze going to Jamaica, the silver going to Ireland, and the gold going to Great Britain. All of the campers and counselors celebrated the end of the OlypTICs with a dance party that continued out to carpool. Have a great weekend, campers!

Green Versus White: Musical Chairs Edition

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To mark the beginning of Color Wars, the Green and White Teams attempted to name as many love and break-up songs as possible. Today, however, these two fierce competitors attempted to sort out their differences… by playing musical chairs! After an intense battle accompanied by songs like “Run the World (Girls),” “Eye of the Tiger,” and many other classics, the showdown came down to Zach from the White Team and Malik from the Green Team. Malik was eventually crowned the victor, giving the Green Team ten points! Who will win Color Wars this session? Keep checking in for Color War updates!


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Today marks the beginning of the Tron Tournament at TIC DC-West. The juniors and seniors are first competing within small groups and the top two from each group will move on. On Friday, the finals will be live in front of the entire camp as we breathlessly await the crowning of our Tron champions. Who will be the Tron Masters of session three? Only time will tell…

UPDATE: The Battle of Champions


After three days of intense battling, TIC DC-West is proud to announce the names of our victors of The Junior Foursquare Tournament. Our Champion is Matt Del Guercio and our Runner-Up is Mario Paslar! Congratulations to all of our competitors!

The Battle of Champions: The Junior Foursquare Tourney


Action! Victories! Amazing feats of prowess! These words describe the intense three day Foursquare Tournament that is happening at TIC DC-West with our junior campers. Points are collected over a series of three days and totaled. If they advance from one court, they go to a higher, even more competitive court. Tomorrow will mark the third day of these intense face-offs so we can recognize the efforts of all of the foursquare playing champions. Be sure to check out our TIC Pics over the next few days to see more of the event!

Sailing the High Seas… in Togas?!?

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Today, our DC-West campers and counselors united the classic themes of pirates and togas to create a day filled with treasure, scholarly conversation, and a few cheesy seaman jokes. We even have a photo booth, complete with Ancient Greek columns and the front of a pirate ship! Check out our TIC Pics to see more!

Are You a Pool Noodle Ninja?

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Last week, Games Aficionado and Site Director Leslie Keller introduced the game ‘Pool Noodle Ninja’ to TIC DC-West. In this activity, campers and counselors try to place clothespins on the attire of a blindfolded ninja who stands in the middle of a circle. Sounds easy, right? However, all of the clothespins must be attached without being caught by the pool noodle. This activity was so popular, we decided to bring it back for Session 3 so we can answer the ultimate question: who is the true pool noodle ninja? Check out our TIC Pics and judge for yourself!

Counselor Highlight: Everything About Evan


Deputy Director (DD): Hi Evan! I hope you’re enjoying the start of session three.

Evan: Of course! I love it.

DD: Excellent! So, for starters, what’s your campatronus?

Evan: Well, I’d have to say that I’m an octopus. I’m often a technology floater, so I feel like I’m spread out over the whole camp and helping where I’m needed.

DD: Wow, that’s actually pretty accurate. I love that idea.

Evan: Yeah, it just seems to make sense.

DD: So what’s your favorite food?

Evan: Blueberries. One of my earliest childhood memories is of me sneaking away from my family’s camp site and looking for blueberry bushes. I think I was pretty young.

DD: That’s a cool memory. I can understand why they’re your favorite. What’s the coolest place that you’ve ever been?

Evan: Sri Lanka for sure. I really got the chance to fully experience the country because I was there for awhile. Even now I sometimes wear sarongs.

DD: That’s very interesting. What’s a unique fact about you that not many people know?

Evan: I actually have a pen pal in Bangladesh. We met at a summer program and we’ve written to each other ever since.

DD: I had no idea! That is pretty unique. What’s your favorite camp moment?

Evan: I think the watermelon eating contest is definitely up there for me. I didn’t expect to win or have so much fun.

DD: And when you’re not eating watermelon or blueberries, what’s your tech room like? If you could describe it in one word, which one would you choose?

Evan: I think my groups are consistently pretty focused. All of our groups in my room are pretty different, so we have a nice mix.

DD: That does sound like a balanced room. On the weekend, if you could be doing any activity, what would you be doing?

Evan: I’d be reading a book or knitting. I’m pretty laid back when I’m not at camp.

DD: Cool. Thanks for interviewing with me, Evan. Enjoy the rest of the session!