Announcing our Multimedia Directors for 2018!!

Hey folks!

As the summer draws EVEN CLOSER we are happy to announce our Multimedia directors for 2018! These directors have expertise in MULTIPLE MEDIAS. I know, it’s impressive. Here’s some more info about them:

Rachel Griffiths

Meet Rachel! Rachel is joining TIC for her third summer and second summer as Multimedia Director for TIC-MD! As an International Counselor, Rachel first came to us as an animation counselor. She always brings her humor and sharp wit to camp, which is clearly demonstrated by her shockingly good impression of those tall inflatable things that flop around outside of car dealerships.

Janesse Molina

Meet Jan! Jan has worked at TIC-DC for several summers and this will be her first summer as a Director! Jan previously worked as an animation counselor and is known for encouraging her campers to push past creative limitations and work with unexpected materials, such as post-its, to create their animations. Needless to say, she’s also a phenomenal artist!


Meet Myles! Myles essentially grew up at TIC and has had a multitude of jobs over the years, including Drama counselor. He is an expert in all things tech and studies at University of Virginia! He also likes to sing and perform and there MIGHT be videos of this on YouTube. We don’t know, it’s not like we’ve looked extensively or anything.

Welcome to the team Multimedia Directors!! We’re so excited to have you!!