Announcing our Athletics Directors for 2018!

We are so proud to announce our Athletics Directors for the 2018 season! Although we are often characterized as a “Tech Camp”, the Athletics side is equally important to our success as a program. Athletics isn’t just a great way to get some exercise and have fun, it also teaches the necessary soft skills for success! Sports can build confidence, leadership skills, communication skills, empowerment, resilience, and so much more! Our amazing Athletic Directors for 2018 definitely embody all these skills and more. Here they are!









Jon Casey and Chad Lynch will be running the Athletics Program at TIC-Virginia! Jon has been working at TIC since 2016 and is very loved by, well, everyone! Chad is a DC Sports fanatic, so he is really, really good at handling disappointment. You may recognize him as the guy sometimes inside the Talon costume at a DC United game or as the Incredible Hulk at TIC-DC West last summer!










Malik Watkins and Chrissy Duffy will both be returning to TIC for their 3rd summers in the Athletics program! Malik, affectionately known as “The Goat”, is known for his ability to be simultaneously silly and also a ridiculous athlete. Similarly, Chrissy (who is a teacher in the off-season!) is an amazing athlete and probably one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Just don’t stand in front of her in knockout if you want to make it past the first round. Also, they’re best friends.










This dream team dynamic duo will be returning to TIC-Maryland for a 2nd year as the Athletic Directors! Camille currently studies at Emory and plays Ultimate Frisbee. Jay is a teacher and has some incredibly cute dogs that would make even the most die-hard cat person falter. Camille is best known for her athleticism and positivity while Jay’s claim to fame is starting the country-music-during-lunch craze that swept TIC last summer. And also his dogs. Seriously, they are ridiculously cute.

Welcome 2018 Athletic Directors!! We can’t wait for you to start!!