2018 TIC-DC Films

TIC-DC Films:

Session 1

Portalmania – Naomi and Bryn
Kitties Go To Pluto – Tess, Emily, Caroline, and Nico
Big City Space – Phineas, Eli, Otis, and Cole
Beauty and the Magical Penguin – Carys, Sibylle, Margot, and Lucille
Ideaception – Noah and Doug
Da Heist – Nico, Ike, Oliver, Will, Mark, Jack, and Robert
Tricky Shots – Amos, Moses, Kevin, Thomas, and James

Session 2:

The Briefcase- Hugo F., Alec K., Seth L., Roxanne T., Reuben P.,
Dimensional Chaos- Graham B., Joeseph M., Gabriel P., Justin R., Jack T.
Kidnapped: A Baseball Dilemma- Alex S., Zander S.
A Terrifying Toys Tail- Sydney, Amos, Celeste, Anna, Ellie.
The Interrogation- Ruby, Zoe, Farrah
The Silent Theft- Claire , Grace, Margot, Sophia and Samara
The Mystery of the Overgrown Cheez-It-  Chloe, Jenna, Tess, Emily

Session 3:

Spy School – Sabrina R., Caroline D.
No Plot– Shai D., Harrison K., Jack P.
The KingnappingMadeleine F., Marielle V M., Hannah K., Bryant H., Daisy H., Kai C.
The Invasion of Chicken Trebulon– Theodore F., Evan S., Eli T.
The Face Off– Anna W., Clara W., Mary Katharine R., Anna M.
Cats vs. Humans– Tess A-Z., Emily M., Greta B-M., Cayden-R J., Amna S.,
BFDI 2– Samara A-Z.,Emma P., Sophia C., Ezra R.

Session 4:

Camp Hitchhikers– Izzie, Kate and Elena
Magic From Another WorldMelena, Zoe, Harper and Serena
Peeps: The Epic Battle– Rory, Michael, Emilie, Abigail and Dalitso
Doombringer– Andrew, Luca, Ezra, James and Vincent
Reuben’s Sandwich Shop– Amaia, Grace, Hank, Mia, Ene