2018 TIC-DC North Films

Session 1 TIC-DC Films:

Portalmania – Naomi and Bryn
Kitties Go To Pluto – Tess, Emily, Caroline, and Nico
Big City Space – Phineas, Eli, Otis, and Cole
Beauty and the Magical Penguin – Carys, Sibylle, Margot, and Lucille
Ideaception – Noah and Doug
Da Heist – Nico, Ike, Oliver, Will, Mark, Jack, and Robert
Tricky Shots – Amos, Moses, Kevin, Thomas, and James

Session 2:

The Briefcase- Hugo F., Alec K., Seth L., Roxanne T., Reuben P.,
Dimensional Chaos- Graham B., Joeseph M., Gabriel P., Justin R., Jack T.
Kidnapped: A Baseball Dilemma- Alex S., Zander S.
A Terrifying Toys Tail- Sydney, Amos, Celeste, Anna, Ellie.
The Interrogation- Ruby, Zoe, Farrah
The Silent Theft- Claire , Grace, Margot, Sophia and Samara
The Mystery of the Overgrown Cheez-It-  Chloe, Jenna, Tess, Emily