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    You’re a Tech Camp- Why no phones?

    Here at TIC, we have a strict “no phones” policy during the camp day. Over the years, quite a few people have said to us, “But you’re a Technology camp! Why don’t you let the kids or staff use their phones?” The answer to this question is actually in the question itself. We’re a Technology CAMP. We’re a summer camp, y’all! Technology learning is half of our day, but the way in which we foster growth in technology skills is very intentionally dependent on interaction, clear communication, collaboration, and hands-on experience. Knowing how to code is awesome, but how effectively will people be at being able to use that skill…

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    Camp IS for Teens: TIC’s Counselor-in-Training Programs!

    Check out this video to understand how teenagers can continue to benefit from camp, then learn about TIC’s multi-tiered Counselor-in-Training Program (starting as young as rising 9th graders) that prepares teens for the best first job ever: Camp Counselor! Get the full details on Tiers 1, 2, & 3 of our CIT Program, as well as links to the applications, here! Questions? Email Leslie at [email protected]

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    Why Grow? The reasons behind our club for girls

    In 2018 we decided to try something different. For 36 years TIC has basically operated using the same model- half a day of technology instruction, half a day of athletics. TIC was created by a brilliant woman who went on to run the camp for 30 years before retiring. Dr. Karen J. Rosenbaum had an educator’s background when she started TIC Summer Camp in 1982, and the foundation she laid centered the child’s learning experience in a supportive, open, and encouraging environment. It’s a great model because it allows us to tailor the TIC experience to individuals and gives us the flexibility to try different things in order to meet…

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    Camp Staff as Mentors

    A little known fact is that January is National Mentoring Month. This is something we in the camp industry are excited about, because our staff are fantastic examples of great mentors! How are they the paragon of great mentoring??? I’m glad you asked! Below you’ll see how our TIC counselors are the leaders you want your camper to have. Positive Connections– Our counselors help our campers form positive and memorable connections with other kids and with our staff. These bonds created throughout the summer incite happiness and often lead to lasting friendships that continue year after year. Effective communication– Due to our 4:1 ratio of campers to counselors, the lines of…

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    How we hire Staff

    Every summer we receive great feedback regarding the programs we offer at TIC. But just as much, if not more often, we receive incredible stories and feedback about our staff! The magic of camp is created because of these amazing individuals. We devote an immense amount of time and resources to ensure we get the best people out there! Take a look at what that process looks like, and get a glimpse into why we are proud of the staff we are able to present each year! Also, know someone who would make a great role model for our campers? Have them apply today! The online staff application is now LIVE!

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    What to look for at a Camp Fair

    We’ve all been there. It’s 1:27am on a weeknight in February. You’re huddled under a blanket on the couch clicking through page after page of summer camps in the cold light of your laptop screen because, even though it’s not even Valentines Day yet, camps are filling up and you need to make some choices. But what choices?! How can I tell from a website whether or not this is the right place for my kid?! Are these Directors any good? What if one of them has a dead fish handshake? What if a majority of their staff think that “Careless Whisper” is the greatest song of all time?? I…

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    Pros of Socratic Method and Spontaneous Curriculum

    When families considering TIC ask about our technology curriculum, they probably don’t expect to hear us describe it as “spontaneous.” We teach the counselors to get to know the campers first and foremost, while also sharing their passions within their given tech expertise. They are also the guides that help create the initial bond with the camper’s partner. The curriculum won’t work unless there is initial trust in both relationships. Right from the start, our counselors spend time figuring out what their campers’ likes and dislikes are, quick to point out synergies between the partners so the two can work toward common goals. Rather than being talked at, told things…

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    Hard skills vs. Soft skills? What skills does my child need?

    These days there’s more pressure than ever to set our kids up for “success.” At the same time, there’s discord regarding which skills are the most important. There’s even debate on what we should be calling different subsets of skills or if we should differentiate between skill sets at all! One common quantification is “Hard skills” and “Soft Skills.” Hard skills are defined as “the specific knowledge and abilities required for success in a job” and “soft skills” are “personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.” Hard skills are much more tangibly measurable and easier to teach, while learning soft skills tends to be…

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    How to pick the right Tech Option for your camper

    REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!!! That means it’s time to think about what technology option your camper wants to enroll in for next summer. Selecting an option can seem daunting, especially for first time campers, but here’s a great guide to help with the process! It’s important to keep in mind that these are just general suggestions, because at the end of the day you know your child best, and every kid is different. You can find more details about each technology option on our website and, as always, we’re happy to answer any further questions you have! We can’t wait to see you next summer! Questions? Give us a call…